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Safe skin


Safe skin Sun cream

This time last year I think our summer had come and gone already, Florence was 1 years old and she was just about to go on her first holiday. Babies and toddlers skin is SO pure. It hasn't had years of hardening up a bit like ours. Over the next few months I will recommend some tried and tested essential products to protect your little one from harmful rays. My first recommendation is a sun cream that I used last year and have bought again.

Obviously it's a good idea to buy a sun cream formulated for babies. Don't just use an adult sunscreen, because even though the sun protection will be just as effective, an adult sunscreen could contain chemicals that irritate your baby's skin or even cause an allergic reaction.

I was very happy with " Bepanthen Baby Sun Screen" it is factor 50+ and from previously using "Bepanthen nappy rash cream" it was a product that I trusted. The cream is quite thick but absorbs well into the skin like a good moisturiser.


It is such a wonderful sight to see your children playing outside, knowing that their skin in protected from the sun.

Tip- Florence moisturises her face every evening after her bath. I make it part of her routine so that I don't have a fight on my hands when applying sun cream.

Even though it is not that sunny yet, I still apply if I am going to spend the day outside, its amazing how strong the sun is in England even through the clouds.

Daisy x