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Spring Barn Farm


Spring Barn Farm Lewes

After our night out together in London for the Chelsea Flower show, me and Jon were very excited when we woke up in the morning to see the sunshine and collect Florence from my Mum and Dads house. The weather encouraged us to think of an outside activity, so I hit the computer and searched for 'Things to do in East Sussex'. Spring Farm Barn was one of the first to appear on google, I think I was the most excited... today they were 'pig racing' and 'lamb feeding'! So we jump in the car and make our way out to Lewes. It is only a 10 minute journey from Brighton which was great and when we arrived there were the most incredible Pot Belly pigs in the field, I think Florence would have been happy if that was it! 20130525-164255.jpg Florence enjoyed stroking the pigs, they made alot of happy sounds which she thought was hilarious! 20130525-164307.jpg Everything is so beautifully kept, the animals look very happy and it is spotless. 20130525-164317.jpg Our first stop was to watch Piggy racing! The young pigs were led to one end of a field (which had a gate to keep them in) and then let out to run to their awaiting mummy at the end, it sounds quite cruel whilst writing it but they really did seem to enjoy it! 20130525-164329.jpg And the hens were like cheerleeders, they made loads of clucking noises whilst running along side the pigs. 20130525-164339.jpg When the race was over we headed up the bank to see the donkeys. I call Florence a donkey most nappy changes at the moment because she kicks and finds it hilarious when I say.. "Who are you? a donkey or Flossie... and she squeals.. A DONKEY!!" So she is very familiar with the word and repeated it over, and over and over again. 20130525-164406.jpg The Donkeys were beautifully kept just like all the other animals, Florence had great fun feeding it grass. 20130525-164425.jpg The sun stayed out for the entire time, if only it had been like this at the Chelsea Flower show! 20130525-164437.jpg Next on the agenda was the Tractor ride! Florence is obsessed with tractors and pretty much any vehicles at the moment! 20130525-164449.jpg Florence loved looking at all the sheep in the fields, not sure Daddy quite enjoyed it so much... 20130525-164509.jpg There is a good variety of slides, swings and sandpits which were all very sympathetic to their surroundings. 20130525-164520.jpg We visited Pigginham palace which was very amusing, there was mummy and her her 4 piglets one of which was the runt of the litter and was so small kept on jumping through the bars and giving the staff a run around! I never knew pigs could move so fast!! 20130525-164530.jpg We ended up helping them come up with a plan to keep them all in-once we had retrived them all! 20130525-164540.jpg They even have a time scheduled in so that the children can have a turn at holding the little animals which is supervised by the staff. Florence loved stroking the rabbit. 20130525-164549.jpg We decided to call it a day at about 4pm, what a great day out! I can highly reccomend this, Jon and I enjoyed it just as much as Florence. I am now hoping for some more sunny days so that we can go back!

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Daisy x