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Cheeky Cooks, Our first guest blog we do feel privileged


Cheeky Cooks - Our first guest blog we do feel privileged

The ABEILLE mummies were delighted to be invited by fellow bloggers the ‘Cheeky Cooks’ to cook two toddler recipes for a ‘guest blog’ on their site. Well, what can we say flattery will get you anywhere, our first guest blog we do feel privileged!cheekycookslogo

We excitedly accepted and asked our photography guru Alan Wright if he would capture the momentous occasion for with his amazing camera skills, luckily he accepted and we have two fabulous recipes to share.

The very organised Cheeky Cooks sent on the recipes with photographs so that we could see how they are meant to look...

Ham and Egg CupsCheeky Cooks Ham & Eggs

Smoked Salmon Veggie BitesCheeky Cooks Smoked Salmon Veggie Bites

The Cheeky Cooks are two mad scientists who have decided to take the experiments out of the lab and into the kitchen. Natasha and Sinead are two cooks with a passion for food, who inspire budding cooks to get into the kitchen and have some fun.

Why not take a sneaky peak at their Cheeky blog

The ABEILLE mummies will be sharing the recipes and cook-off tomorrow, So don't forget to come back and see how we get on... Michelle X