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The first trimester, Blooming marvellous


The first trimester, Blooming marvellous: I've alway envied those lucky people who sail through early pregnancy, I was really sick with my first pregnancy & would literally crawl through to the lounge from the downstairs cloakroom having been very sick to see Holly Willoughby on 'This Morning' who was a month further pregnant then me looking completely stunning and giggling away, what is your secret....I must have been sick on average 6 times a day for at least the first 4 months. I was actually quite relieved when I heard the Duchess of Cambridge also suffered with acute morning sickness as it made me feel slightly more normal. The media seem to romanticise pregnancy, well lets be honest not everyone just sails through it.Baby White #2

I was lucky enough not to be working during my first pregnancy so was able to rest & recover as required through the first trimester. This time round I'm a busy Mum to a toddler & working hard on ABEILLE and let's be honest, I don't really have time to be unwell. My coping mechanism has been to eat little and often, food is the only thing that seems to keep the sickness under control. I have the heightened senses of a blood hound and a complete aversion to uncooked meat, making dinner has been a challenge. My poor hubby, I think he's completely bored of me raiding the freezer, making jacket potatoes or breaded fish.

And then theres the hormones, lets say they have been a little wild, it's a bit like being pre-menstrual on steroids... It's only as the haze of hormones lifts that I am starting to feel normal again. Although I'm delighted to say that the second trimester is being much kinder to me this time round, the sickness and exhaustion has almost disappeared and I'm starting to feel like my old-self again, all be it a little more voluptuous in places. So you can stop walking the dog at night, arranging late meetings and come home again Ben, your wife is back - Michelle X