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Toddler fun


Toddler fun: As excited as we are about the new baby it's business as usual now that Oliver is finally over the jet lag & chest infection. So off we went to Henfield 'Toddler Bounce' this morning. I have to admit the mere thought of a large hall filled with toys & other children would have filled me with fear pre-Oliver and I NEVER imagined setting foot in such a place. However I have to admit, I was wrong, we both love it! I love it as chatting to the other mummies helps me realise that Oliver tipping his milk filled cereal bowl all over me this morning isn't an isolated incident & Oliver can run around freely (all the time he's behaving...) playing happily with toys we don't have at home.Toddler fun.. with a biscuit

We are the first ones to arrive this morning, there's a first for everything! And the lady who greeted us takes pity on me and pops the heating on, happy mummy. The hall is set-up into designated areas and a coffee area for the adults

Coffee area

Soft play & vehiclesSoft play and vehicles

Bouncy castleBouncy Castle

Smaller child toy area and TrampolineBaby area and Trampoline

Drinks & biscuitsDrinks and biscuits


Toddler bounce is the perfect start to the week for us as Oliver has a good run around, is begging for his nap after a few hours and I get to straighten up the house post-weekend & have a nice relax before he wakes up.

It's certainly worth having a look at activities at your local leisure centre as the classes tend to be pay as you go, inexpensive & great fun! We did try a few local leisure centres before we happily settled here so don't give up if the first one you try doesn't suit you.... Michelle X