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Wakehurst Place a Wonderful morning


Wakehurst Place a Wonderful morning: I must admit I had been waiting for the 'summer' to arrive before I braved a National Trust garden but have decided now that no rain is good enough for me!

Oliver in the tunnel

I arranged to meet my lovely friend Abby with her daughter Amarylis on Tuesday and despite the threat of rain it was a beautiful day. It was a little windy but in all honesty I really felt refreshed after a brisk walk running behind the toddlers. We fed the ducks, hunted for tractors/ ride-on lawn mowers and we even managed to have a clotted cream scone. Ok, maybe I had a clotted cream scone, but I am pregnant..

Oliver running

The children grazed on lunch as we wandered around, I had to surrender the sandwiches to stop Oliver wrestling the ducks for the bread off of the floor. It was wonderful listening to the children give us a running commentary of the surrounding 'big tree', 'Duck, Quack, Quack' and 'Tractor'.

Oliver as tall as a tree

We then met a mummy with two lovely daughters and the girls played happily running through the trees whilst Oliver ran after the birds, such a boy! There is so much to see do at Wakehurst, for adults and children of all ages. We had a wonderful time and are planning to go back very soon, I'm certainly not waiting for the sunshine...

Oliver chasing the birds

The facilities are excellent, the staff friendly and we even bought some wonderful books in the shop before we left. If you are interested in joining the National Trust, click the here to find out more - Michelle