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20 weeks, 1/2 way already


20 weeks, half way already: This pregnancy is just flying by, I'm shocked that I'm already half way... 20 weeks, Where has the time gone! First time round I read a progress update every day & Ben read me a weekly update from his 'men's guide to 9 &1/2 months of pregnancy', it seemed like I was pregnant forever. This time round I guess I'm busy with a toddler & ABEILLE & don't have the time, which isn't a bad thing as I don't suppose much has changed in the last few years?

Cantaloupe melon

I'm very excited about my scan next week, although Ben is still adamant that we aren't going to find out the sex. I must admit I certainly would if he didn't feel so strongly about it, but then again I've always been impatient. It's great being in the second trimester & feeling better, my appetite has returned with a vengeance and although I promised myself I would eat sensibly & not gain much weight I'm currently eating enough to sustain a professional wrestler.

Oliver still seems excited about the new baby and enjoys at least one cuddle with my tummy a day. I'm pretty sure he understands; however only time will tell. He is a bit clingy at the moment and I'm not sure if its the new baby or his age but we are trying to gently prepare him for the changes.

When I was pregnant with Oliver I attended a weekly yoga class which gave me special time with my bump, but I'll be honest the thought of putting Oliver to bed & driving off to a yoga class in the evening is just not at all appealing, all I want are my PJ's... I've downloaded a few pregnancy App's and have been taking the time to keep an eye on progress, my bump seems to have appeared from no-where, although I'm relieved to read that the baby is the size of a cantaloupe melon so not surprisingly making an appearance.

I read this great article from the baby centre about 'yummy mummy V's Real mummies' which made me feel much better about the fact that I have 15 minutes per day to shower & get ready, less yummy & more mummy for sure... It was a refreshing read & made me laugh... Enjoy! Michelle x