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5 gifts that made Florence Squeal


5 gifts that made Florence squeal I thought it would be helpful to give feedback on gifts that Florence received that really got her excited! It's always hard to know what to buy-there is so much to choose from! The first gift she opened was a 'Baby' and Florence proved that you can clearly never have too many! 20130618-202957.jpg Our very lovely friend Iain who has known Florence since she was born, turned up with a gigantic box, before Florence ripped it open I managed to read 'Keyboard boom box'... There goes my no plastic, no flashing, no noise policy on toys all in one hit! She absolutely loves it though and has been belting out twinkle twinkle little star every morning since! It even has a real IPhone doc and a socket for head phones... Pretty impressive! (loving the headphone option). 20130618-203005.jpg

Her uncle Hamish got her an ironing board, iron and airer which she loves.. But how cool are these Vans! Can't wait for her to wear them.


Talking of uncles, Kris (Jons brother) turned up at our house with this little bundle of fur! Florence squealed with delight.. She adores animals, not scared at all, she was picking it up and would not let the poor thing out of her sight! An absolute winner as a gift.. She named her 'Tooie' instantly, I thought that was pretty cute as it was her 2nd birthday!


My grandma got her a wooden cot that rocks. She has so many babies now it was a perfect gift, and hopefully will encourage her to sleep aswel!


She also got a 'fairies garden' plant selection for the garden which I am desperate to set up for her-I want to create some magic in her life! And from her best buddy oliver she got a wheelbarrow and gardening set. Come on summer!

There are so many things to buy a toddler, I have literally just picked out the ones that got her really excited! My house officially looks like a play house.. And I know the thought of having an animal can be daunting but all I can say is she has not watched any TV since we have had Flossie's little kitten.

Birthday love Daisy x