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A Playhouse for the garden


A Playhouse for the garden: We decided to buy Oliver a Playhouse for the garden for his birthday. We choose a house with a slide which is actually recommended for 3years+ as we were hoping to not have to buy any more 'large' toys for the garden. This will mean strict supervision as it has stairs leading up to the house & Oliver needs to learn to only go down the slide, not the wooden stairs but I'm delighted to say a week in and no accidents to report.

Oliver's Playhouse

We choose the house from Waltons as it came with a 10 year anti-rot promise & although slightly more expensive than a few others we found on-line, the stairs are thick, have grips on each step, free delivery and great reviews on-line.


The house was delivered within a week and although the delivery driver couldn't drive his large lorry down our road, it was delivered fine with a little help from our helpful gardener & a perfect timed visit from my mum and other half.

The base

The house was delivered in large pre-built sections and although needed two people to construct, they both thoroughly enjoyed it! I did stress about needing to level the slope in our garden in advance of construction; however I must confess that on this occasion my hubby was certainly right and no levelling was required.


Construction Hubby dug four footing holes for the feet to ensure the house would be level, built the base with post stakes attached to the feet & put the base in-place. Once level, with the help of the amazing Gus they poured in postcrete (a bit like concrete but especially for fence posts). The postcrete set really quickly and then they continued to construct the rest of the house. The instructions although basic were easy to follow and they had the house construction finished in a day.


We are delighted with the house & Oliver adores it! It came with free wood stain which is easy to apply.

Finishing touches


We have now progressed to phase two, interior decoration! I'd like to say a VERY special 'Thank you' to Ben & Gus who built the play beautiful house, you really made it look easy but we know it was hard work. You did us proud and made our boy SO happy! Michelle x