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Blueberry pancakes-egg free


Blueberry pancakes-egg free Mum made pancakes as soon as she got home for brunch because our blueberry ones looked so tasty. Dad had eaten all the blueberries but apricots were delicious too. Why not try mum's recipe yourself? Mum made these because she's not keen on eggs! 20130612-222045.jpg Ingredients 2 cups flour 1tsp baking soda 2-3 cups of milk or soya milk (vegan option) 1 tbsp light brown sugar Pinch salt Punnet of blueberries 20130612-221936.jpg Method... Mix all ingredients together and enough milk to make a batter. 20130612-221951.jpg Stir blueberries into batter. Heat small amount of oil (1 tsp) in a nonstick frying pan and add ladle of batter 20130612-222017.jpg then cook on low heat until golden, toss and cook other side. 20130612-222034.jpg Will take a good few minutes either side. Serve with tbsp of honey or maple syrup on top. Yum yum.

Makes enough for a snack for 4 or a filling brunch/lunch for 2

Daisy x