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Cheats Cupcakes


Cheats Cupcakes: Sometimes there just isn't time to bake, I know difficult to hear, especially from me. My nephew Romey came to stay and was desperate to bake something. Knowing we were pushed for time we picked up a packet of cupcake mix for the boys to prepare whilst I made dinner. I admit it took great patience to let them happily crack eggs, whisk & pour as it really was quite messy but we did have a good laugh...

Cheats cupcakes

I obviously kept a close eye on Oliver but Romey happily took the lead in the bake-off. I would usually prepare all of the ingredients and let the children do all of the mixing. The joy of this packet is you only need an egg and a drop of water. I think of it as an activity for them as opposed to a recipe, they certainly enjoyed it.


The cakes went in the oven whilst we had dinner and were nicely cooled ready for icing once we had finished eating.


I was brave with the icing and just left the boys with the bowl and two spoons, to my surprise they were very neat & really very good at icing. Romey placed the rice paper picture on the top as Oliver was too interested in eating them. They were delighted with the results and very happy to eat them.

Romey with the cakes

Romey and I have been baking together since he was a small boy & I'm flattered at 8 that he's still interested, lets hope Oliver has the same passion as his nieces and nephews - Michelle X

The children's finished cakes