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Fathers day gifts


Fathers day-presents! 5 Gifts

Purple shampoo I always get my Dad a bottle of 'Daddy o' from Lush, it's great for silver (grey) hair and also amazing for bleached hair which is a bonus because it smells amazing and I can use it whenever I visit! The smallest bottle is £4.95 so a perfect gift for under £520130610-230019.jpg Cheeky T-shirt I found this great 'You can't scare me, I have a daughter' t-shirt as a present for Florence to give Jon, it's cheeky and practical and in our case incredibly apt! It's also a bargain at £8.95 20130610-230027.jpg Gresham Blake cuff links These are are great present for all the stylish Daddy's out there. Jon is not a great cuff link fan, he doesn't wear many dress shirts and even if he does dress for occasion it's rare he wears a shirt that needs cuff links. But he can't get away with it all the time and if he does need a pair-these beauty's are fab for quickly popping in when necessary. £10 20130611-071504.jpg Personalised 'Superdad' print by Oh! Studio Tell your dad how much you love him with this quirky personalised print. It is great for those difficult to buy for Superdads, and is a truly personal gift with a contemporary twist that looks great around the home.

It reminds your Superdad of all the super things he does, and the one thing he does worst. Even the real superman had a weakness! £29 20130610-230052.jpg Chanel Bleu I bought this aftershave for Jon last Christmas and he is running low. It is such a clean and classic smell.


Hope you all have a great day and the Daddy's enjoy being spoilt.

Daisy x