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Holmbush Farm


Holmbush Farm: A beautiful traditional farm with lots to do for children of all ages. We had a rare sunny day last weekend and so seized the day and took ourselves off to the farm. We set off nice and early, never have I been the 3rd car in the car-park, how times change.

On the tractor ride


Holmbush Farm

When we arrive Oliver runs under Dadda's arm and flies straight into the soft play area with his shoes on, naughty boy. Followed shortly by Mumma, I eventually caught-up with him and managed to convince him that the sunshine was calling us. So off we went to explore... As soon as we go through the doors Oliver spots two large tractors and he is squealing with delight.

Oliver on the Tractor

We then venture into the animal enclosure and see some gorgeous baby lambs, a noisy goose who is protecting her eggs, lots of goats, pigs and rabbits to name but a few...


It isn't long before the ride on tractors are spotted and we spend at least 30 minutes trying out almost every identical but differently coloured tractor, poor Dadda, I did find it most amusing...

Ride-on Tractor

When we eventually peel Oliver away from the tractors we head off outside to explore the play area, they have so many different sections suitable for all different ages and it really wasn't busy at all... We had a great time running around!

Digger in the sand

We did decide to stop for a snack break before the tractor ride. The facilities are good, nice clean toilets and a lovely cup of tea and hot sausage roll for hubby, I think he deserved it after the tractor swapathon. We then ran off to the tractor ride which was quite breezy (hoodies & coats on), but Oliver loved the bumpy adventure & so did we.


We decided a play in the sandpit was just enough for Oliver before the exhaustion kicked in and following an impressive fort of sandcastles he was begging for bed. A gorgeous morning, great value for money & highly recommended! Michelle x