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Toddler party, the lazy mummy option


Toddler party, the lazy mummy option: I'm not scared to admit that when it came to arranging Oliver's toddler party I decided to opt for the lazy option. I booked a soft play centre & chose the package which included everything down to the party bags & yes I even asked a friend to make the birthday cake.. I think you will agree its AMAZING, there are some things that are just best left to professionals. Oliver's Birthday

We chose Treasure Chest in Crawley which is quite central for all of our friends coming from different places and were delighted with the party. The children loved it although I do feel the need to apologise to the mummies & daddies who had to run around as I was sat in a chair without moving & my poor friends looked a bit rosey cheeked by the end of the play session. The venue supplied large plastic buckets for shoes, coats & gifts and we had a dedicated table area for our guests who weren't running around. My sister in-law volunteered for the coffee runs, so I gave her a kitty & the mummies & daddies stayed suitably happy with a little caffeine fix - Thank you Coo! Treasure chest cake

The children had 75 minutes play time, which was more then enough time to work up an appetite for the 45 minutes in the party room. You have an option of hot or cold food, We chose the sandwiches, fruit crisps & ice-cream option as it was healthier although my mum was quite disappointed when she saw chips going in next door... Good job the children didn't see them! We had a dedicated party host who was happy to facilitate our every need, unlimited children's drinks, a pink or blue balloon for every child & a foil balloon for the birthday boy to name but a few (see the full party options here). Ice-cream

I have to say that the party was great fun, Oliver was in his element, the venue was great & the staff were wonderful at calmly leading 17 children, 11 of which were toddlers through the whole process with ease. I did feel guilty about not doing much for Oliver's birthday so baked a lovely chocolate cake, which I promise to share with you very soon... Michelle X