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Toddler wars


Toddler wars I have been generally lucky with Florence, she has never bitten, scratched, hit or pulled hair... Well, in front of me that is. She plays really well with all of her friends, especially her best buddy Oliver. 20130603-194008.jpg She has always been a nurturer. She will go up to children from newborn to even a 5 year old and rub their head calling them a 'baby'. She cuddles all her friends-practically to death- She will kiss them and even try and carry them! This all sounds pretty ok, but in fact a lot of this is very invasive to the childs personal space, which in return she usually gets a whack, or a push. I am more of a 'let them fight it out' kind of mum. I say that loosely because if she was violent or mean of course I would intervene. But when it comes to snatching a toy or having a toy snatched from her, I think it's important that she stands her ground, or on the other hand gets a little shove if she takes a toy. All of this is under my watchful eye. I want to make the most of seeing how she deals with these kinds of problems before she goes to nursery, I won't be there to sort the problem out then! So that's how I deal with it- everyone has their own methods which I'm sure are just as affective. That said, we went to a party last week to celebrate her friend Oli's 2nd Birthday. It was an intimate gathering on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Lots of space in their gorgeous garden to play and plenty of toys to play with. One of Oli's friends had bought him a doll (boy doll) and I suppose it was only fair that as Florence OPENED it she laid claim to the doll for the rest of the day. She found a bouncy chair and rocked the baby (doll) to sleep, fed it, played with it.... Then a little girl came over and before I knew it Florence got up and with both hands shoved the girl to the ground. I was so shocked... Never has she done anything like this before, I marched her over and although the little girl was absolutely fine, no tears at all, I told Florence to say sorry at which point she burst into tears. I explained what she did was wrong and that made her cry even more, so I let her be miserable-just for a little bit. It was when the little girl was about to leave about an hour later that Florence's little voice next to me said "sorry". I think in this case she was protecting her baby and when I told her off I wounded her pride, I really didnt think she understood until I heard her apologise. It always amazes me how much they know at this age. The Baby centre is always a great reference for me if I need help with how to deal with a situation, here is the link for their site and section on Toddler Aggression. Let the fun begin! Good luck mummies Daisy x