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Toddlers kicking, slapping & hair pulling


Toddlers kicking, slapping & hair pulling: Toddlers find it hard to communicate & when faced with a situation where they aren't comfortable they can react using their arms and legs as weapons. Oliver has been going through this phase lately & I found myself getting quite upset when Oliver was slapping, kicking and pulling Florence's hair just because she was trying to love him. Oliver prefers his personal space & Florence wants to nurture him, either way his behaviour was not acceptable even if it wasn't malicious.

Florence & Oliver

My immediate reaction when an incident occurs was to shout at Oliver to shock him into stopping but this really did not work. I was really quite upset by his reaction & have tried a few tactics to stop the behaviour. However the best one so far really is to quickly & calmly (not shouting at all), lifting him up & sitting him on a chair/step away from the situation & briefly explaining what he has done wrong (in less then 10 words). Oliver has two minutes time out & then apologises for his behaviour. This also gives me time to remain calm & immediately stops the bad behaviour.

Florence came to play this morning & I have to say we only had two time-out sessions, for minor incidents i.e. as soon as Oliver reacted I removed him from the situation. It worked really well, the situation didn't spiral out of control, we had no tears & I managed to remain calm.

I've read many articles that say this is a passing phase & they reiterate that this is just your toddler experimenting with different reactions to behaviour but when your darling child lashes out it's a horrible feeling. Many articles recommend praising good behaviour and ignoring the bad; however this tactic didn't work for us & usually resulted in tears from someone.

Daisy & I adore the baby centre for advice, I found the following article Time-out's, How to make them work really helpful & I am hoping the success continues as we ride this one out - Michelle