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What we are reading this month


What we are reading this monthCome on, Daisy! By Jane Simmons

Florence has got into a great routine when it comes to bedtime. She gets out of the bath at 6.30, I chase her round upstairs getting her nappy and nightie on. Then she puts all her babies (there are now about 7! She loves them all dearly) to bed, turns on her bedside light and shouts 'Ready Mummy' which means its story time.

So her current favourite is 'Come on Daisy' by Jane Simmons. Mamma Duck tells Daisy to stay close, but Daisy thinks that chasing dragonflies and bouncing on lilypads looks much more fun . . . 20130623-081338.jpg This warm and comforting story, starring Daisy the duck, has been delighting children for over 15 years.

Florence's loves anything that's got a baby of some kind to tell off, and this naughty little duck keeps getting distracted by everything they pass. Her favourite part is the Frog jumping from lily pad to lily pad. 20130623-081322.jpg It's a fab read and the perfect amount of time without Florence getting bored. Because I stick with one story for quite a while she is incredibly confident, she obviously cannot read yet but she knows the words off by heart and reads it with me... or anyone else she can persuade. She especially loves story time with her JaJa.

Happy reading Daisy x