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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer



ABEILLE LOVES July 2013: Our fifth ABEILLE LOVES focus' on 6 to 9 months. This is such a wonderful time when the babies are starting to move around and seek independence, fun times. We have selected top 10 ABEILLE LOVES for 6-9 months... Enjoy! ABEILLE LOVES

A great Ice lolly set

Teething is quite a difficult stage for your baby & my preference was to try where possible to numb the pain & sooth the gums before using medication. This ice lolly set is perfect for making homemade lollies and you can use fresh fruit, breast milk, whatever you prefer. Oliver loved them & always squealed with excitement when he saw them. Apple, pear & papaya were his favourites & funnily enough still are.

AK Ice lolly

Annabel Karmel Nuk mini ice lolly set


The best Free pour cup

I exclusively breast fed Oliver for 7 months, when he suddenly decided no-more. I transitioned to a free pour cup as recommended by the Heath visitor for water & milk (although those of you that have read previous articles will know I struggled with the milk transition). These are recommended from 4 to 6 months, they have twin handles and are easy for your little one to drink from.

Note from Tommee Tippee: Do not allow babies to hold a cup after they have finished as prolonged sucking will cause tooth decay.

TT Free pour cup

Tommee Tippee Free pour cup


A wonderful Free standing high hair

I was keen to have a free standing highchair so that we could still have use of all of our chairs in the house as we have a large family & love to entertain. My mum insisted on buying Oliver's first highchair & after much research we chose this beautiful traditional wooden highchair from John Lewis. This really is a wonderful highchair, as the seat can be taken off of the top & it transforms into a table & chair, Perfect for toddlers. I did place a soft insert inside to make it more comfy (you can buy these in John Lewis or Mothercare), I'm delighted to say Oliver still loves it & uses it daily at 2. I was warned about the straps being a nightmare to clean but find that Sainsburys own brand upholstery cleaning spray cleans them up like new.

JL High-Chair

John Lewis East Coast combination wooden highchair


A lightweight & funky Portable highchair

When weaning I was keen to ensure we had a portable highchair although keen to not have to carry anything to bulky. I found this fabulous portable highchair by Gro which takes up no space at all. Oliver loved it & was quite happy to use it as he still had the flexibility to move around whilst being secure.. I can't recommend this enough!

Gro Portable highchair

Gro portable highchair


A fun Baby walker/ bouncer

I was warned against getting a baby walker by the health visitor as they were deemed dangerous; however after a trip to early learning centre & a distraught child being taken out of the baby walker I decided to ignore the advise & buy one. I have to say it was a great decision, Oliver loved it, especially all of the buttons which played music. I didn't leave him in it for any prolonged periods of time, he liked a little walk around in the kitchen as it gave him freedom he craved when he wasn't yet mobile. When it wasn't being used it was kept in the lounge & he enjoyed crawling over & pressing all of the buttons which played music. Our house is on a safe level, these should be avoided near any stairs.


ELC Lights & Sounds Walker


A great Wooden baby gate

When Florence started crawling at 6 months the first thing we did was go out and get a couple of baby gates. This Lindam extending wooden gate is a hardwood gate that offers a stylish safety option in your home. The safety gate protects your child by restricting their access to kitchens and stairways. Providing an extra wide walkthrough and no step over bar, the gate fixes directly to the wall and features a double locking system. This extending wooden gate is adjustable to accommodate different sized doorways and staircases.


Lindam extending wooden gate


A 'must have' Amber teething necklace

When Florence started teething at about 5 months I felt pretty helpless as to how to relieve the pain. Obviously there is Calpol but for me I wanted to use that as little as possible whilst Florence was so young. I was recommended these beads by a friend of mine, I was not sure actually how effective they were but my view was that if I could relieve the pain in any way I would try anything.

Teething necklace

Amber teething necklace


A dual purpose Bath Seat

My brother bought this Aqua pod for Florence when she was 6 months old. It was so great not to have to bend over the bath to wash her. The mat underneath stops the surface being slippery and it has a built in thermometer so you know when the bath is the right temperature.

Aqua pod

Aqua pod


A fabulous Collapsible pushchair

Last year when we planned a holiday to Spain, the thought of lugging my beautiful Bugaboo onto the plane made me shudder. Not only that it would probably damage the buggy during transport but holidays are supposed to be as easy as possible. Without telling me Jon ordered a cheap collapsible pram, it wasn't particularly easy on the eye-especially when my eye is used to a vision of sand and cream! But it did the job and served its purpose for our holiday. I have since used my friends 'Maclaren Techno XT' which I would definitely recommend, It's light weight, suitable from birth, easy to fold and looks great.


Maclaren Techno XT


A very handy Portable snack pot

The Tommee Tippee snack pot's are usually advised for 12months + but Florence loved playing with it. If we went out shopping I could give her the snack pot with raisins in and it would keep her entertained for a good half an hour. Snack N Go handy snack pot has a super-smart twist: the easy-access soft lid is specially designed for little hands to push through, yet it stops snacks falling out even when it’s tipped up. Perfect for healthy snacks on the go.


Tommee Tippee Explora Snack & Go