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Annabel's Brilliant Bread


Annabel's Brilliant Bread I have known Annabel since we were probably Florence and Olivers age. My fondest memories from when were little was her Mum opening her cake tin and treating us to the most delicious chocolate brownies in the world. Annabel clearly takes after her and puts me to shame with her baking skills.

I saw that Annabel had posted some pictures of some gorgeous bread on her Facebook page, it made me want to turn up at her house, unannounced and steal some. Instead I decided to be 'Adult' about it and ask her kindly for the recipe and method so that I could make it myself! 20130713-194723.jpg Thank you so much for sharing Annabel-I am going to make this tonight!

Annabel-Guest blog post 20130713-194715.jpg Annabel with her gorgeous boys-Oliver and Arthur

I find its the best cooking thing to do with Oliver! He can put most of the ingredients in the bowl himself and has a play after just the flour and water is in (gets a bit messy if all the oil, seeds and yeast are in). He loves sticking his hands in it and getting a spoon to mix it (even though this is not required). Then he turns on the Kenwood mixer and makes the dough, has another play doing a bit of kneading and then it's all very exciting checking to see once it has risen. And then of course tasting it once its cooked! It is particularly popular at the moment either with butter and jam as a snack or dipped in homemade tomato soup!x

Ingredients... 1lb of flour (we used strong wholemeal), 300ml of warm tap water, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoon olive oil A sprinkling if poppy, sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds. 1 sachet dried yeast

Method... Put water in first then add flour (and let child have a play with it!). 20130713-194730.jpg Add the rest of the ingredients. Put in the mixer with the dough hook and have it on for about 20 mins, cover bowl with a tea towel and wait for it to double in size, get it out and have a play and a knead, put in the loaf tin and cover again and leave to rise for a few hours. Bake in the oven for about 35mins. Don't need to do 2 rises if not much time and can also do with white flour or a combination of white and wholemeal. 20130713-203226.jpg

With many thanks to Annabel and Oliver for sharing.

Daisy x