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Baby brain or am I going mad!


Baby brain or am I going mad! It all started with a pair of socks in the bin, my immediate thought was to blame my cheeky toddler who loves putting things in the bin, opening it & forcing the self closing lid shut. I would have been quite happy with my theory, until my hubby found a bag frozen peas in fridge! I'm not sure I can blame that one on Oliver!Michelle

Hubby tends to clean-up after dinner as I'm pretty shattered after the battle of preparing dinner with Oliver wanting to help with every step, clearly its not safe; however he's not quite grasped the understanding of hot pans being out of bounds, it's a challenging hour or two. Ben went to clean the microwave & found beans I had made for my nephew the night before but he didn't actually receive, Doh!

On Sunday hubby treats me to a naughty dinner of homemade chips (which he cooked in the garden to avoid the smell of grease in the kitchen, (yes I still have strange aversions to cooking smells). I buttered the bread & sat down excited to eat my chips, it's been a long time since we have had them. Ben asks me how many slices of bread I have buttered & I think it's a trick question, 3 of course, he then hands me a piece of bread unbuttered? I'm puzzled.. Bens laughing as the piece of bread he has in his hands is buttered on both sides.. A very easy thing to do... Not!

I've read a few articles about forgetfulness in pregnancy & apparently it's quite normal in the third trimester.. God help you Ben!

This is a great article I read on 'What to expect' a great pregnancy & parenting website

We are luckily managing to keep a sense of humour about my new found forgetfulness - Michelle X