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Big boys bed, I'm SO not ready


Big boys bed, I'm SO not ready: Move Oliver into a Big boys bed, I'm SO not ready!! The plan was to move Oliver into his bed in September giving him a few months to settle in before the new baby arrives; however this pregnancy has triggered a not so lovely Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction which is basically a not so glamorous pain in the pubic bone (although luckily this does not affect the baby). I did have this condition late in my pregnancy with Oliver, but it's appeared a lot sooner this time and by Oliver's bedtime I'm struggling to stand-up straight. The doctors have kindly referred me to Physiotherapy and given me some paracetamol but the advise is to not lift heavy items, including a two stone toddler. We decided that the only significant lifting I really do is in and out of the cot, which was easily remedied.. Take the sides /> 20130715-225506.jpg

Those of you that know me, know I like to plan things (that's the Programme Manager in me), and this is 2 months ahead of schedule but as my hubby kindly pointed out, sod the schedule and let's get on with it, that's me told! So Saturday morning Ben set off to buy a stair gate for Oliver's room in case he did get out of bed, leaving mummy to rest, ok bake two cakes, but I promise I did try and stay in bed....

When they arrived home, I firstly got told off for not staying in bed & then Ben popped up & replaced the cot side with the bed side. Oliver was excited about his new bed, climbed in and promptly went to sleep. I nipped off to acupuncture and Ben was woken an hour later by Oliver standing next to the newly installed stair gate asking to come down stairs... A success, even if only short nap.

That evening we pretty much followed our normal routine but read the bedtime book to Oliver in bed, he wasn't so keen as he usually sits on my lap in the gliding chair and then lies down and like's to be cuddled.... I know, I know, I still treat him like a new born but I'm trying this new approach. Oliver did protest and ask for the chair but once we distracted him with a story and I sat close, stroking his arm he calmed down. He slept wonderfully until at about 11 when we were woken up by a thud and his monitor going off, we ran into the room to find him snoring still on the changing mat I had laid beside the bed in case he fell out. We promptly popped him back in, still asleep and the wedged him into bed with a blanket covered clothes drying rail and a stool... Random but necessary! Needless to say we were in Argos the next morning buying a toddler safety guard which has been fitted and we have since had no issues with rolling out of bed. I have to say I was really apprehensive about moving Oliver to a big boys bed & planned to have the bed set-up & looking all inviting in his new room to entice him from his cot; however I needn't have worried so much, it's really not been an issue at all. Michelle X<