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Coping with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction


Coping with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction: When I was crippled with pain from the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, I called my trusted Acupuncture practitioners that I have been using since struggling to get pregnant with Oliver. I have to say 5 days on I can actually stand up straight in the afternoon (which was impossible by 5 o'clock last week) and am feeling great!Acupuncture & Herbs

When I arranged the appointment for Saturday I hobbled in, I was greeting with a friendly hug (I have been going for over 3 years now..) and was guided into the treatment room by the lady practitioner Lala. She asked me to explain the discomfort & said she could not treat the area directly as it was unsafe for the baby, but could gently treat my back. Quite frankly they could do what they liked, as long as the baby was happy & I could get some help.

Lala asked me to remove my clothes & gave me some towels to cover up & lots of pillows so I could comfortably lie on my side. Joel the male practitioner then spent the next hour & fifteen minutes gently but firmly massaging all of the sore spots on my lower back, it was slightly uncomfortable but Joel applied just enough pressure to work on my back without any pain. It was pure bliss & although I had to leave promptly as we had friends coming to lunch, I did leave feeling relaxed & serene. Back Support

On the recommendation of my doctor & insistence of my husband I have also stopped planning more then one big activity a day & started wearing my Cantaloop Pregnancy Support Belt. This provides support to my back & tummy. As per my previous post I have also taken Oliver's cot sides down so I am not having to lift him in & out, although I still pick him up as his cuddles are irresistible!

I saw the midwife for my 24 week checkup this morning & although I will be referred for Physiotherapy at Princess Royal Hospital, she recommended sticking with the Acupuncture to keep the pain under control, as the hospital treatment didn't really involve any physical manipulation. My midwife had the same condition in pregnancy & ended up on crutches with a toddler, which does not sound like a good place to be, so I will take her advise! A now very happy, Michelle X