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Florence's 2nd Birthday Party


Florence's 2nd Birthday Party Celebrating your toddlers 2nd Birthday is such a special occasion. When Florence turned 1 it was very emotional for me but I don't think she really understood what was going on. So this year was party time-for her! Alan our photographer extraordinaire was on hand to capture all the magical moments, and there were lots. This time round she was very aware it was her Birthday and when she was given a present, she ripped off the card (which I retrieved) then opened her presents excitedly to see what was inside. Florence-bday-Party-01 I had a hard time keeping up with her, she was very spoilt! Florence-bday-Party-02 It is hard to entertain little toddlers so I called in the experts. Florence goes to this wonderful class on a Saturday called 'Little Luvvies' and they have so much fun singing and dancing-I was thrilled when they said they could make her Birthday party. Florence-bday-Party-03 Kelly is amazing with little ones and gets them all up dancing and singing to all the current favourites, to name a few... 'Monkey's jumping on the bed', 'Old mac Donald had a farm' and the much loved 'Mr Tumble hello's and goodbye's'. Florence-bday-Party-04 Most of them managed to stand up and introduce themselves, Florence obviously knew the day was about her because she was uber confident! Florence-bday-Party-05 It was great seeing them all paying such close attention to girls in charge, I wish Florence did the same for me. Florence-bday-Party-06 The girls especially loved the dancing, the boys were probably desperate to get outside and run around. Florence-bday-Party-07 Gorgeous little Issac who has just turned one was amazing, he seemed to love all the music. Florence-bday-Party-08 Even the Daddy's got involved, I'm sure they had been itching to sing and dance anyway. Florence-bday-Party-09 When it came to the end of the session it was the perfect opportunity to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Florence... this year she even managed to blow out the candles on her cake. Florence-bday-Party-10 For the party bags I decided that rather than spend lots of time filling bags I would give them one main gift. I found these wonderful horses on sticks on line and the children loved them. Florence-bday-Party-11 It also provided entertainment for after 'Little Luvvies' had finished. Florence-bday-Party-12 A huge Thank You to all that came to make her day so special, Florence loved it. Also a big shout out to Alan, your photographs outshine mine by far, and to 'Little Luvvies' that really did do an amazing job.


So this year has been all about Horses, Animals, singing and dancing... what will next year have in store?!

Daisy x