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Flossie's party food


Flossie's party food Throwing a toddlers party is pretty hard work sometimes. When it came to the food I decided to do a mixture of the Good the Bad and the Ugly... Ugly meaning there were a few sweets involved! Florence is a bit obsessed with all things 'Horsey'. I am not going to lie... I'm not blessed with pastry fingers. I found this great Horse cake in Waitrose, and was plesently supprised by the price. Under £20 including writing-for me this is a bargain as it would have taken me a couple of attempts making a cake which would have ended up costing much much more. flossies party food My wonderful sister Mollie offered to make her signature cupcakes, decorated in a selection of sweets... these were mostly eaten by all the Mummy's and Daddy's. Recipe to follow in my next post. flossies party food 2 I got a gigantic punnett of Strawberries and took the ends off...actually I think that might have been my Mum or Jon. They are great for parties, toddlers love them and are very easy to prepare. flossies party food 5 Mum made her legendary flapjacks, they are a hit at any event and are easy to make, and loved by all. We made marmite sandwiches and jam sandwiches. Although Brown bread is preffered in our house we decided to use white bread as a Birthday treat. flossies party food 4 Can you spot the champagne glasses? As much as I would have loved to crack open a nice bottle of English sparkling we decided that Bucks fizz was a little more apt (for the adults not the toddlers) as it was a party for toddlers in the afternoon. Most of the parents were driving and I do like to be responsible-sometimes! flossies party food 3

Add in a few bowls of breadsticks and dried apple slices and voila! High tea for the Birthday girl and her little friends.

Also a huge thank you to our wonderful photographer Alan who did this shoot. He has the patience of a saint and makes it look effortless dealing with a bunch of excited toddlers. AWP_Logo_CMYK_GradBG Visit his amazing site

Florence had a great day, more party ideas and pictures to come

Daisy x