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Fun in the sun on the beach


Fun in the sun on the beach: Summer days are few & far between so my motto is abandon all and get outside. Daisy suggested an afternoon on the beach and the immediate answer was yes! So we threw a few things into the car & set off.Fun in the beach

I must admit I forgot towels, picnic blankets & the boys swim things (well done Daisy for bringing spares) but did randomly manage to remember paper plates, cups & disposable cutlery. I do have a posh picnic set but figured I'd keep it as simple as possible. Hubby dropped us into Brighton to do a spot of shopping & meet Daisy to buy the picnic. Walking on the beach

When the hubbies had finished work we met up & made our way to the beach. We chose a spot in Shoreham which was nice & quiet, laid all the food on a handy wall & stretched out the blankets. The children ran straight down to the water, followed closely behind by the daddies. We cracked open a bottle of bubbles, opened some crisps & dips, whilst sitting back to watch the children play, it was pure bliss. The sun was warm, the tide moving out, the beach wasn't crowded & the hubbies were happy to play with the children while we relaxed, it was the perfect afternoon. Here we go...

It was Oliver's first time in the sea in England & his first pleasurable experience as he wasn't keen in Italy, he was probably a bit too small. He was much more confident then I imagined he would be & as I had forgotten to pack Ben's swim shorts Jon took him in for a deep paddle, he squealed with delight. When the children had finished paddling we pulled out a few buckets & filled them with water, they quite happily played with stones & water for the afternoon & when they got bored they chased the seagulls. Cuddle & dry time

We would usually start the bath time at 6.30, bedtime by 7.30 but didn't arrive home until well after 9. The children were so happy playing & we were having a great time. In fact Oliver told his Nanna today that we went on holiday to the beach, too cute! Michelle X