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Keeping cool at bedtime


Keeping cool at bedtime Well as much as I am determined not to moan about the weather-it has been proving a little difficult to get Florence to sleep. She has been irritable and very thirsty at both nap time and bedtime. I had a look on my favourite Baby advice site and here is what they recommend... 20130723-201723.jpg Your baby will sleep most comfortably in a room with a temperature of between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C. But when it's very hot outside, you may need to take extra measures to keep your baby cool while he sleeps. What should my baby wear in hot weather? It depends on how warm the weather is. The key thing is to remove unnecessary bedding from her cot. If your baby is wearing a nappy, vest and sleepsuit, she will only need a sheet as bedding if the temperature in his room is 24 degrees C. If she still seems hot, it's fine for her to sleep in her vest or just her nappy. Remove any padding from around her cot to allow the air to circulate, and open windows in several rooms to allow a through-breeze. What can I do to lower the temperature? You could try using a fan in your baby's room before her bedtime. This will make the room nice and cool by the time you lay her down to sleep. But don't allow the fan to face your baby at any time, and place it well away from her grasp. (Michelle's tip is to place a bowl of ice in water in front-it acts as air con) Hang wet towels over chairs or windows when it's really stifling. The evaporating water will help the air to cool. Consider removing any waterproof sheets while the weather is hot. Or cover the waterproof sheet with several layers of tightly wrapped cotton sheets. Keep curtains drawn and blinds closed during the day to prevent the sun from heating up her room. If your baby falls asleep in her pram, keep an eye on her, as prams can soon become hot and airless. Never leave your baby to sleep in her car seat in the car. Even with the windows open, temperatures inside a parked car can rise frighteningly quickly. For more advice about keeping your baby cool in hot weather visit The Lullaby Trust. You can also order a room thermometer via its website. We have been taking Flossie for dinner on the seafront most evenings. It avoids me taking her out during lunchtime and by 4pm its perfect, still gorgeous a warm. 20130723-201738.jpg I use a Gro Egg by the Gro company which is great for both summer and winter to help judge the temperature of your little ones room. 20130723-204309.jpg

Enjoy the weather and keep cool everyone.

Daisy x