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Nanna's Spanish Potatoes


Nanna's Spanish Potatoes: I'm always on the lookout for simple delicious recipes & Nanna's Spanish potatoes are legendary in the family, they are gorgeous. When I was young, Mum subscribed to a magazine called 'Microwave know how' which was a collection of recipes for the microwave (you've got to love the 80's) & I think this was the only useful thing we found after collecting 6 binders... But in my opinion it was well worth it, Well done Mum!Spanish potatoes

Ingredients - Serves 2 hungry people 4 large Potatoes (I use Vivaldi potatoes) 1 small onion A few handfuls of mushrooms 1 large clove garlic 3 large knobs of butter Salt & pepper to season Ingredients

Method Cut the potatoes into thin slices (I don't bother peeling), attempt 1/2cm thick; however consistency of the potatoes sizes is more important then precision (to ensure they cook evenly) Peel & slice the onion Slice the mushrooms Finely chop a clove of garlic Layer the potatoes, onion, garlic & mushrooms in an oven proof dish seasoning each layer Ready to go Add the butter on top & cover with a lid or cling film Pop into the microwave for 10 minutes (we have a pre-set power of medium) TIP: careful when you taken them out of the microwave as the potatoes steam & will be VERY hot! Stir the potatoes Re-cover & microwave for a further 5 minutes Yummy I serve these potatoes in the dish on the table with a large spoon as it not then obvious just how many I have managed to eat, Enjoy & Thank you Mum! Michelle X