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Oliver's top 5 toddler gifts


Oliver's top 5 toddler gifts: It's so hard to pick only 5 gifts as Oliver is a very lucky boy & has been truly spoilt!! Thank you to everyone who bought him beautiful presents, it's been very difficult to pick just 5 as Oliver loves everything but here we go...Birthday boy

Duvet set - Fireman Sam Oliver adores Fireman Sam & given half the chance I'm sure he'd sit & watch it every day; however this is a special treat only! Nanna & Gus bought this lovely reversible duvet set & Oliver was desperate to put it on his bed; however this will be saved for the big boy bed transition in September, great thinking Nanna, now Oliver can't wait! Fireman Sam

Shopping Trolley - Melissa & Doug Never did I think I would spend my afternoons walking a shopping trolley around the close; however nothing makes Oliver happier than an afternoon stroll with his trolley & his blue Dolly. A wonderful gift from my sister in-law & family and definitely a favourite. I haven't made it to the supermarket yet, but its certainly on the to-do list Shopping Trolley

Colouring Table - NEMO This table is a wonderful gift, it has a roll of paper filled with big beautiful pictures of fish, colouring pens & crayons. Oliver has a great time sitting on his bean bag (also a wonderful gift) and colouring away. Mummy loves it as its small, lightweight, easily collapsable. Thank you Debbie, Steffan & Sienna NEMO

Blue Bean bag - Kaikoo This blue bean bag is a certainly a winner for Oliver as he can sit on it, jump on it & drag it around wherever he goes. It's been in his bedroom, in the lounge & is now in his playhouse. Such a fabulous gift & great for Mumma to sit on when I'm dragged into the playhouse for afternoon tea. Thank you Kate & Simon Bean Bag

Balance bike - Trax My hubby has been desperate to buy a balance bike for Oliver, in fact I think since before he was born. He finally got his wish & it's difficult to get Oliver off it! He's picked up the concept quite quickly & is quite happy to guide himself around the garden dinging on his bell. We had a big debate about which one to buy as we had already bought Oliver the playhouse for his birthday & pragmatically my hubby decided on this gorgeous red Trax from Halfords. A great price, a great little bike & hubby bought a simple black bell, ding ding!!! Balance bike

Oliver also was given an amazon voucher in a card, wish I thought of that one, Thank you Connor & Cameron, a gardening set & wheelbarrow from his best buddie Florence, a train set for hubby to adhere to the ceiling of his new bedroom from his cousin Freddie to name but a few more! Michelle X