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Pacific Baby


Pacific Baby Thermal bottle

I have been desperate to blog this amazing bottle. Now is the perfect time! We are loving this long awaited summer and all you Mummies need do follow this link and get yourself one of these. I pour chilled water/juice/milk into the bottle before heading out and when Florence wants a drink she gets a nice chilled one on demand. The vacuum sealed stainless steel bottles keep liquids warm or cold for up to ten hours, making them an essential for busy families on the go. 20130723-205913.jpg What’s even better is, these bright and functional bottles transform 3 ways, from a baby feeding bottle into a sip cup and then a drinking bottle, giving them a lifespan of five years plus! When you are out and about, you may not always have access to a recently boiled kettle. These thermal baby bottles enable you to keep warm sterilised water sealed in the bottle and mix the formula at feed time. There is no need to weigh down your changing bag with extra thermos flasks or bottle warmers. Stainless steel is naturally anti-bacterial as it does not scratch in the same way as plastic. The bottles are therefore ideal for keeping water, milk, or juice cold when you are out and about as your baby grows up. 20130723-205922.jpg We are heading to France in a couple of weeks and its going to be a long 8 hour drive. I am so relieved I have one of these, it will save us stopping off and refreshing Florences drink every 2 hours!

We take it everywhere and you will too,

Daisy x