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Plasticine playtime


 Plasticine playtime I am always looking for easy entertainment for Flossie, especially with the never ending list of things a Mummy has to get on with! Plasticine is her new favourite activity at the moment, and I must say... I get a little distracted and join in with her. 20130713-203938.jpg I got a big tub from amazon which is great, she is also learning colours whilst getting them out to play with. 20130713-203946.jpg She now actually says the colours as she takes them out-my heart melts. 20130713-203955.jpg I use this as a treat for when she uses her potty, it works for us. 20130713-204004.jpg One of our favourite games is the 'Caterpillar'. I roll the balls and as I put a ball down I say, "now this is my ball and I do not want you to take it and make a Caterpillar". Within 5 minutes Flossie produces this work of art! Pretty impressive! 20130713-204013.jpg We also have fun making snails... or 'SANILS' as Florence calls them. 20130713-204023.jpg I made a cat... my inner artist was dying when she grabbed it off me-I had to remember that this was her game, not mine. 20130713-204034.jpg I also made a pig, Florence is an excellent pig- she loves getting messy and has the snort down to a T! 20130713-204052.jpg If anyone has any other easy Plasticine animal ideas I would love to hear,

It is also a great thing to take to the beach, or to a restaurant,

Daisy x