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Practising with two


Practising with two: I'm delighted to say that Oliver appears to have passed through the stage of hurting Florence when she tries to cuddle him & the children have been playing beautifully together. Daisy & I are struggling to fit all of our work in around the children so have decided to look after both toddlers to give each other the opportunity to get ahead.Florence & Oliver, fun times

I decided to prepare in advance so that I could focus my full attention on the children & not be distracted when Florence arrived. I made a packed lunch & tidied the house in preparation for garden play. Just as Daisy & Florence arrived the weather turned & it was a bit too chilly for the garden so I decided to brave toddler bounce in Henfield. I figured it was mutual ground & Oliver is very familiar as we go once a week so I can focus more attention on making sure Florence is settled. Hubby popped his car seat into my car & we set-off. I parked right outside, the children walked in holding hands & were delighted to see the hall full of toys. Brummmm brummmm

I decided to stick to Daisy's and my rule, whoever has the toy first keeps it & made sure I stayed close to enforce the message. I'm delighted to say the children were SO good!! I was actually quite shocked, I probably shouldn't admit that but hey ho! When it got to 10.45 the children started to flag so I changed nappies, wiped face & hands (always a good tip to wake them up a bit), and we sat down quietly in a corner for our lunch. Lunch time

We then wiped face & hands again & off they went. We lasted until about 12.30 before they started to get tired & Daisy arrived just in time before any tears appeared. We have decided to make it a regular arrangement & alternate every two weeks. It's the perfect place to take the children as neither children will want to protect their own toys, although Oliver does like to spend 80% of the time playing with the red car... Lets drive...

I just hope Daisy's experience is as pleasurable as mine... Fingers crossed, Michelle X