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Pregnancy Pilates


Pregnancy Pilates I have just got in from a wonderful Pilates session at my local Health clinic. As I was leaving my instructor mentioned that they were doing a 'Pregnancy Pilates' OPEN DAY. You can go for a free consultation and chat about how pilates can support you during and after pregnancy. 20130702-211531.jpg I know a few people who have split their abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Pilates is a great thing to take up after your baby is born to bring the muscles back together again. They have an amazing Pre and Post natal expert Hayley Oxley who will give an informal short talk around 1pm. You also get the chance to meet a Pre and Post natal Personal trainer and talk to her about how to stay your fittest. On the day there will also be a Maternity Massage specialist and a Nutritional Therapist. The next Pregnancy Pilates course starts on September 13th. I did Pregnancy Pilates during my pregnancy and it really helped me learn how to support my back and give my body some TLC when it is most needed. I am still suffering with my lack of tummy muscles since I had my C-section and wish I had done a post natal course after to knit my muscles back together in the right way. Apparently hitting the gym hard was not the right thing to do!

OPEN DAY SATURDAY 6TH JULY 12.00PM-13.30PM 20130702-211521.jpg

Visit or pop in to Dyke road Health Clinic, 274 Dyke road Bn1 5ae or call 01273 561845

Daisy x