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Toddler alfresco bath


Toddler alfresco bath: Keeping Oliver cool and calm before bed is a challenge in this hot weather but my mother in-law gave me a great tip, have an outside bath! Apparently my hubby loved it when he was small, they used to bath in the garden in the paddling pool & like father, like son Oliver loves it too. Toddler alfresco bath is the way forward!


I use this small inflatable bath that I bought when Oliver was too big for the baby bath but too small for a normal bath & it's been so handy. We used it as a ball pit in the winter when Oliver was sitting-up but not crawling & it's perfect size for a nice warm bubble bath in the garden....


It's such a novelty being outside in the early evening when it's still sunny but nice & cool, I leave Oliver's blinds closed in his room after his lunch time nap & if its really hot I pop a bowl of iced water in front of the fan & shut the door (it works like air conditioning). Although I do turn it off when he goes to bed...

Feel free to share you cooling toddler & baby tips with us & our mummy readers... Michelle