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A bit of a scare but luckily a false alarm


A bit of a scare but luckily a false alarm! This morning we had an unexpected fright as I had a bit of a bleed, a quick call to the hospital & they invited me in for a check-up. Luckily the baby was still moving fine & I felt ok, so managed to stay relatively calm. Hubby called mum & packed a bag for Oliver & we quickly dropped him into Nanna's.image

The labour ward seemed a little surprised to see us considering we had called ahead but they welcomed us calmly, monitored the baby & took a urine sample. The midwife was very calm asked lots of questions about the bleed & gave me lots of reassurance that the baby was fine, which was very helpful as I was obviously worried at only 30 weeks pregnant. The midwife went off to arrange the registrar for an examination. When she arrived back she said they had solved the surprise of my visit, I had called Brighton instead of Haywards Heath.. I had wondered why they were referring to the 11th & 14th floor when the building is only 2 stories high?! Perhaps next time I will ring the underlined highlighted number on my notes, it did make me giggle.

The registrar performed an examination & was confident that the labour was not starting which was a huge relief. They couldn't give me an exact reason for the bleed, which had now stopped, but a happy baby & no sign of labour was enough or me. My notes were updated & within a few hours I was sent home to take it easy, although asked to come straight back if the bleeding returned. Hubby was very calm but did point out that this point in my last pregnancy the nursery was ready, bags packed & list stuck to the front door. So off home to rest & get organised.

We are emotionally exhausted as obviously you worry about all of things that it could be, but hugely grateful we were seen so quickly & reassured everything was ok. A special Thank you to the hospital staff & Nanna who managed to continue with the potty training whilst looking after Oliver & make us dinner, No she's not available for hire xxx

Any issues in pregnancy should be checked with a healthcare professional. Currently on sofa arrest, writing checklists... Michelle X