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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

ABEILLE loves spreading the love, Do you want to join us


ABEILLE loves spreading the love, Do you want to join us: We love blogging & sharing our experiences with our readers but nothing makes us happier than seeing other mummies enjoying our recipes/ activities & receiving feedback on our posts, it makes it all worth while. One of our yummy mummy followers Stacey who has two gorgeous daughters Ava 2 years & Ella 4 months old, posted some gorgeous pictures on Facebook recently of a rainy craft day with Ava & also baked our chocolate cake for a party. We just had to share them, they are gorgeous!!!

Mummy Stacey & Ava getting creative... Stacey & Ava

Jam tarts - Ava doing a fabulous job, they look yummy! Ava making Jam tarts

Click here to see the recipe

Octopus picture - I love the jewel eyes, gorgeous! Mummy & Ava making Octopus & Penguins,

Click here to see the activity

Guilty mums chocolate cake, Save me a slice... Stacey's chocolate cake Click here to see the recipe

A special Thank you to Stacey & Ava for sharing pictures of their special day...

We are always on the look out new ideas/experiences other mummies would find helpful & 'guest bloggers' to keep our readers interested, informed & our little ones interested. So don't be shy about getting in touch & sharing your ideas after all re-use is the new black!

If you interested in featuring in a guest blog with fun activity or idea for our site feel free to contact us at lots of love & thanks for following... Michelle X