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ABEILLE LOVES Summer Special


Our sixth ABEILLE LOVES for August is a Summer Special. With all of this glorious weather we decided it was time to share with you our top 10 Summer Special 'must-have' items that we couldn't live without. Enjoy! ABEILLE LOVES

Arm Bands I have written a product review about these Delphin swimming discs/arm-bands before, but having recently discussed them with mums off on holidays thought it was time to share again. I have to reiterate how truly fantastic they are. We used them on holiday and for swimming since we have returned. They are more expensive then your traditional armband but they really do give your child the confidence and stability required in the water, I can't rave about them enough.. Michelle X Arm bands

Sand & Water table I bought this for Oliver towards the end of the summer as he was still quite small and have to say we have had SO many hours of fun playing with it. I have used it for 1/2 sand, 1/2 water, all sand and all water and have to say it really is still the best summer toy. It comes with a selection of funnels and scoops which keep them entertained for literally hours. I have to say it was certainly a hit at a recent toddler play date with ALL of the 8 children who came. Michelle X

Sand & Water Table

Toddler 'stay cool' drinking cup This Nuby Insulated Cool Sipper, was recommended to me by my friend & is fabulous. I tend to fill it with water and keep it in the fridge so that I can grab it just as I'm leaving the house. I have a silicone spout version & one with a straw, both of which I bought in my local sainsburys. BPA FREE. Michelle X

Nuby drinking cup

Snooze Shade When Oliver was tiny he seemed to be sensitive to fluorescent lights in shops & scream, so I bought this snooze shade to pop over the top of his carrycot/carseat & I'm still using it now. It's so versatile and perfect to use as an additional shade over the top of your stroller hood or a complete cover-up for a sleepy baby/ toddler in the sunshine if your out during the day. It 's easy to fit Velcro straps and elasticated sides work in lie-flat or upright modes. Think of it as your own personal stroller black-out blind. It folds up into a tiny bag so it's easy to pop into your handbag without taking up too much space. This blackout blind protects your baby/toddler from the sun with UPF50+. Michelle X

Snooze shade

Two piece swim suit My son has inherited my pale skin which means I have to keep him lathered in sun lotion & sensibly covered up. I found this great two-piece swim suit in mothercare, it's lightweight, easy to get on & off & very cute. It's great for when Oliver is playing in the paddling pool in the garden & perfect for holidays, the swim suit has a sun protection rating of 40. Michelle X

2 piece swim suit

Swimsuit with built in nappy I popped into Marks and Spencer's to get a new swimsuit for Florence and found one with a built in nappy. It is such a great idea and I love that it's part of an all in one rather than just bottoms. Florence has not had any mistakes and she is at the age where potty training is taking place but on the beach it's better to be safe than sorry! Daisy X

Walking on the beach


Crocs Florence has more shoes than me these days... But the shoes she wears the most are her Crocs. She went without them for about a month when she out grew her last pair and when they were no longer an option to quickly put on I suddenly realised they were now essential to her wardrobe. They are great for the beach in Brighton, out in the garden and when we are popping out quickly. Daisy! crocs

Toddler Summer Hat Florence hates the sun in her eyes! I have tried a few pairs of toddler sunglasses but she is not a fan. We went to the beach a couple of weeks ago and she stole mums hat, so since then I have got her this adorable floppy hat by Jojo maman Bebe. They come in a variety of colours and patterns and you can also get swimming bottoms to match. Daisy! Sun hat

Paddling pool It is essential to keep our little ones cool this summer, it's so hot. Florence loves being outside so I got a cheap paddling pool, filled it with Luke warm water from the tap and she was entertained for a good few hours. Daisy! Paddling pool

Sun cream With Florence's love for outdoors its important to make sure she is protected from the sun. I found this great sun tan cream by banana boat which does not sting her eyes. Last year there were lots of tears, so it was a result and now she gets the bottle out herself and asks me to put it on her. Daisy x Sun Cream