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Flossie goes riding


Flossie goes riding Saturday morning we were up and ready to go out at 8am. We were off to see my best friend in her first dressage competition. We arrive at the farm, the worst of the rain is over and it's only slightly spitting now. As we pull up at Becky is mounted and ready to get in the arena-her horse Gorron is gorgeous and the two of them together have such a close bond. 20130824-104509.jpg Florence has noticed all the Foals in the fields and is telling me how 'cute' they all are, the horsey obsession is still going on! She is very lucky to have a godmother who has one of her very own! 20130824-104522.jpg So we watch Becky very elegantly make her way round the test and once she is done Florence jumps up into the saddle with her, albeit a little nervous at first but soon enough she is patting Gorron and telling him what a good boy he is! 20130824-104502.jpg We love doing out doors things, Florence is at her happiest when we are and she is entertained just from the nature around her. 20130824-104515.jpg The best things in life are free-Most of the time!

Daisy x