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Holiday en Dordogne


Holiday en Dordogne Our first 11 hour car journey to France was a huge success! All of my planning was well worth it and Florence travelled down with us very contently. Here are a few of our favourite moments that encapsulate our holiday in ' Ste Foy La Grande'.


As we head off to catch the ferry at Newhaven Florence is getting tired-It is 9pm so she has done well to stay up! I give her one of her sticker books and she gets her head stuck in straight away. 20130815-130154.jpg The Ferry crossing was great, we all slept the whole way (I booked a cabin and highly recommend this when travelling with a toddler) and when we were woken up at 2.30am we quickly jumped in the car and luckily Florence went straight back to sleep, and so did I! We both woke up at about 6.30am so we only had 3 hours left of the 7 hour journey from Dieppe. We arrived at Mum and Dads at 11am and for the first time ever I was pleased that it had been miserable weather, it was perfect for travelling. On our first day, we chill at Mum and Dads House in Ste Foy La Grande. It is the perfect place for unwinding and there is lots to do for children. The next day we head to Bergerac Market... 20130815-130210.jpg Florence loved spending time with Jon, it is not often she has him all to herself. 20130815-130220.jpg Bergerac is such a beautiful place to visit, the wine is not bad either. Every Wednesday the streets are full with the hussle and bussle of markets. The Fruit and Veg is to die for-I wish I could have bought the whole lot back with us. You can visit a great site here to get more info on the area. After we had exhausted all the streets we head to one of our favourite Chateau's which is not far away.. Chateau Vigiers! It is perfect for everyone and has a spa and a golf course which is a bonus. 20130815-130202.jpg Dad always built me and my brother Hamish Bivouacs made from sticks, leaves etc... Jon did the same for Florence this year and she loved it. Lucky Florence has a wonderful carpenter for a Daddy! 20130815-130236.jpg Our week flew by and it was over before we knew it. Jon did an amazing job driving through the night, which was perfect becuse Florence could sleep the whole way and the roads were clear. So when we got onto the ferry at 5am we sent Daddy to bed and Florence and I had an adventure round the boat, we even ventured outside which I mangaed to get a quick picture of us before we got blown overboard. 20130815-130251.jpg I am now typing this up wishing I was back there, if anyone wants to visit the area I would be happy to recommend places to visit, restaurants to eat in and rivers to kayak-and of course vineyards to taste wine in. Florence has come on leaps and bounds by having a good week outdoors, no TV, and our undivided attention. Huge thanks to Grandpa and Jaja for entertaining her in the early hours so that Jon and I could catch up on some much needed sleep.

Feeling very refreshed and relaxed,

Daisy x