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I will NOT go to bed Mumma


I will NOT go to bed Mumma: I thought it was too good to be true, perfect transition to big boys bed, straight away with no fuss. In all honesty the prolonged bedtime was a gradual process, an extra song here an extra cuddle there and two weeks on, it was over an hour. I will NOT go to bed Mumma! We have tried using a few different techniques to get Oliver off to sleep, but every time we crept out of the room he was screamed and jumping out of bed.Mumma & Oliver cuddles

Day 1 It reached 8.45 & all three of us were exhausted, so we decided we needed to man-up and try Rapid Return. We had seen the technique used on bedtime live & my friend Cherry had great success with it for Tommy's transition to a big boys bed. Hubby agreed it was time! So I stood outside Oliver's bedroom door & sure enough he came running out seconds behind me screaming & asking for another song, I calmly & gently picked him up, walked back into he room, kissed him & lay him down saying bedtime. He screamed his head-off like he was being murdered. I walked out of the room & he was right behind me. So once again I picked him up & returned him to bed. He had an absolute melt-down & stood in the bed screaming louder then I have ever heard him scream before, I left the room. Again he came running behind me screaming & stamping his feet, I have NEVER seen a tantrum like it.. This continued for 15 minutes & the twelfth time I lay him down he lay down & went to sleep, in all honesty I think it was exhaustion that sent him off to sleep.

I was very lucky to have hubby sat in our bedroom to give me moral support & encouragement. I was very upset, stressed & felt very guilty after the HUGE tantrums but Oliver was thankfully asleep!

Day 2 I explained to Oliver at bedtime that he was having two stories, three songs & then it was bedtime. We had our stories, songs & cuddles but as I went to leave the room Oliver had a HUGE screaming melt down, for another song but I calmly said bedtime & left the room. Dadda was waiting outside the room to start his turn of the Rapid Return (RR). I'm not sure if it was harder doing the RR or listening to the process but I'm delighted to say despite a HUGE screaming tantrum that seemed to go on forever the actual process started at 7.52 & was over by 7.55, RR was only three times in total, well done Dadda!

I have to say Oliver is usually such a calm and happy child at bedtime and we've never had much of a problem getting him off to sleep. I am feeling responsible for removing the sides of the cot as I'm not able to lift Oliver as much due to Pelvic pain in pregnancy; however returning the cot side is not an option. As the famous quote says, I have started so I will finish! If ever I felt like I needed a Gin & Tonic, now is the time but at 27 weeks pregnant I will have to make do with a chamomile tea!

If you are interested in learning more about the technique I highly recommend watching a few of the episodes... it really is amazing to see actually see the results. Michelle X