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Marmite butter


Marmite butter: The simple things are best, this Marmite butter is easy to prepare & very versatile. Oliver's been going through a phase of trying new foods again which is fabulous as he's been a carnivore for far too long. I asked him what he wanted for lunch the other day & he asked for a marmite sandwich, probably as he had seen Florence eat them, but I thought I'd humour him & he devoured them all much to my surprise... I'd seen my idol Nigella Lawson mix butter & Marmite to make lots of sandwiches for a children's party so this is how I make them as its difficult to spread & tends to spread unevenly.Marmite butter Ingredients Marmite 1/2 tspn Butter 1/2 tspn Simply all you need Method Simply mix in a small pot with a knife until its a soft and consistently all the same colour. Yummy I tend to make more than I need & keep it in the fridge, it's great in sandwiches or on pasta with grated cheese. I lived on Marmite & cheese pasta during my first trimester of pregnancy when all I wanted to eat was salt & carbohydrates. Thank you Daisy for introducing me to marmite pasta it's now a staple favourite.... Michelle X