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Mummy time


Mummy time While Florence was winding down between the dreaded 6pm-7pm period, for once I am inwardly calm and padding around the kitchen preparing dinner and getting out the wine cooler. Tonight is 'Mummy Time' night. My Good friend Tati is coming round for dinner and isn't it great when friends have benefits.... She is a Beauty therapist and founder of Monaco Beauty. 20130803-222453.jpg I am having my nails done-they need it! I'm going on holiday on Monday so thinking Bright Red! She uses Gel nail varnish which is a godsend, because it lasts for two weeks and would take a lot of effort getting off-even if you wanted to. So now I'm typing away whilst crossing everything possible that Florence goes to sleep, it is So hot, which means the window is open and I'm sure the children outside screaming is bothering Florence, because it is driving me mad! . It takes about 20 minutes for her to finally nod off-so I head downstairs and pour myself a large glass of wine. It's been a hellish week... I swear the build up to a thunderstorm affects everyone's moods-including the toddlers. Perfect timing, Tati knocks just as I have poured my glass and we sit down and pick out my colour. I'm going for red, it's my holiday colour! Tati is a pro, it's always worth getting someone thorough to do gel nails because they can be done badly and peel off after a few days. 20130803-222507.jpg After discussing the world and eating dinner she heads home.. Such a perfect thing to have done in the evening when your baby/toddler is asleep and you don't have to get a babysitter to watch them (or ask Jaja and lose brownie points). I Highly recommend Tati Thank you for my lovely shiny red nails! Daisy x