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My little lady


My little lady Being a parent is probably one of the hardest but also one of the most rewarding jobs. Sometimes I seem to get so caught up in the bubble of our routine that I don't take a moment to stand back and see the huge changes that are happening in front of me! So I am going to start sharing some heart melting moments that are happening with Florence.

Florence age 2years 2months Favourite things Horses, Dogs, Cats, Handbags, Fairies, Pasta, Salmon, Veggie sausages, Running, Jumping, Play dough/plasticine, Mr Tumble, Dancing, singing and playing with her dollies. 20130822-073927.jpg This morning I woke up to a commotion and found Florence in my cupboard playing with my handbags. It brings back so many memories of me doing this as a child. It was a strangely private moment that I caught her, and she seemed quite embarrassed-so much so she started shutting me out of my own bedroom! 20130822-073934.jpg She enjoyed going through all the pockets and seeing how many she could fit over her head and arms all at once, it was very sweet. 20130822-073942.jpg I got an extra ten minutes in bed which was great and I got to watch Florence express herself without me running round after her picking everything up in her trail.

It proved to me that it is the simple things in life (that are free) that can sometimes be the most memorable.

Daisy x