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My top 5 things to keep Flossie entertained in the car!


My top 5 things to keep Flossie entertained in the car! This will be our first ever drive down to France. I have covered all the Tips and tricks like what times to travel and how often to stop etc.. so here is my top 5 things that I will be packing to keep her entertained when all else fails! Sticker books She is totally obsessed with stickers at the moment so I ordered 2 books full for the journey.. Jon will not be impressed with them dotted around the car but Florence will have a great time! We love Usborne Books.. Here's the link 20130731-192402.jpg

Toddlers music I have already got one CD but I'm going to buy a few more for the car. If Florence ever gets irritable, I switch her music on and happiness is restored-my brain might go a tad crazy but for the greater good I sing along!

I pad For long journeys it's a life saver, download a season of Mr Tumble and you have 5 hours of entertainment right there! If you go onto your I Tunes account you can download loads of stuff, just remember to lock your password afterwards! 20130731-192410.jpg

Baby & baby accessories Florence now has about ten babies, so we are going to take down one down to France with us. For Flossie's birthday she got a baby carseat, baby bottles/tubs/cutlery etc... Perfect for the car because they will take up little room and she will love it! 20130731-192418.jpg

Books I will bring a selection of her favourites, I think when you are going out of your comfort zone it's nice to bring a bit of home with you. I will also bring her favourite cuddly toy and a blanket.

Come on Monday Fun Day!

Daisy x