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Nesting: The time has come, to go where no-woman has gone before, well not since my last pregnancy anyway! Cleaning under the tall boys, behind the cabinets and on top of the units. Don't ask me what possesses me to completely empty & reorganise every cupboard, wardrobe & freezer compartment in the third trimester of my pregnancy but its like a itch you have to scratch! It's ridiculous that at your heaviest, when your most tired you give yourself the most work although I think it's something to go with the fact that I'll be a bit too busy to notice the 7 year old spices we bought when we moved into the house once this bundle of joy arrives. Maybe it's my final reconciliation of 'where did I put that' before the chaos begins.Nesting

This is my hubby's favourite part as a self confessed OCD, he loves the tidiness & order as I'll be honest I'm naturally clean but very messy. I'd normally much prefer to bleach then stack forks up on top of each other in the drawer (yes he likes to do this & so does my girlfriend Sarah.. Life's too short, I just shove them in). So I've emptied out the deep freeze and begrudgingly parted with the puréed meals that Oliver is now too old for, the frost bitten items that lingered in the bottom of the drawer & made way for the batch cooking. Although I'm not sure I could stand another chilli con carnie again, I must have had a craving before Oliver was born as it was all we seemed to find after he was born & I'm still 'so over' eating it after practically living on it for a few months..

So apologies in advance to the neighbours for the early morning hoovering but at least now with a toddler if won't be obscene hours in the evenings like in the first pregnancy, hubby was convinced that midnight carpet shampooing was an extreme sport.. Lets hope hubby thinks the benefits of the nesting outweighs the hormonal mood swings..

I found this great article on that explains Nesting & gives some great tips on how best to use those final bursts of energy, enjoy! Michelle X