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Pregnancy hormones or am I just crazy


Pregnancy hormones or am I just crazy - So after a busy morning and a bit of a stressful afternoon (long story....) I called hubby to see where he was, luckily he was enroute & Oliver was happily entertained in his playhouse (in full view), so I decided to stay focused breath & take my stress out on some short crust pastry. Mini quiches were on the menu for dinner, although I wasn't quite expecting to start making them so late 5.45, we usually have dinner at about 5.30. I kill you all, I love you! I suddenly realised I needed cream, called hubby & for once I was happy that he had hit some traffic and not quite made it to the shops. So I rolled out the pastry, cut the discs & chatted to my darling boy who was shouting from his playhouse 'Mama come-in'. Ben arrived home, chatted to me about my stressful afternoon & got dragged into the playhouse for an impromptu cup of tea with Oliver, adorable! I quickly popped the quiches into the oven & managed to stay calm. I eventually called the boys to come & wash-up before dinner and help set the table. I was just mid quiche-checking, potato serving when hubby decides to tell me he needs a lift to Brighton as he has an all day hospitality event & then a night out on the town. I'm not sure if it was the stress from the afternoon, the fact that it was 6.15 and I was starving or that Ben decided to tell me that he's on an all day bender & then off out on the town but I said something along the lines of 'For Gods sake just give me a break & screamed at him to get out of the kitchen' launching the tray of hot cubetti potatoes onto the hob with so much force that they scattered all over the counter... All I wanted to do was sit down, eat my dinner & retain composure until my darling boy was asleep, but now my work tops are covered in potatoes and I want to bash Ben on the head with the baking tray! Ben did try to follow me around he kitchen asking me what was wrong but after I told him to 'get out' shrieking like something that could only be understood if you have ever watched an episode of Eastenders, he quickly retreated from the kitchen! At this point I was tempted to empty the contents of the oven into the bin & go in search of a cold bottle of white burgundy & a girlfriend but being 27 weeks pregnant & having a 2 year old toddler it just wasn't an option. So I counted to ten, served dinner & went in search of my boy, who was snuggled on the sofa with his baby & a drink. Luckily he didn't look traumatised by my outburst & came in happily to eat his dinner. I remained tight lipped & asked Ben just to leave it, which Oliver repeated 'Mumma said leave it Dadda' when he tried to talk to me. I don't like arguing at the best of times but certainly not in front of my son, I'm normally a bit hot headed but can't say I make a habit of launching food around the kitchen, darn pregnancy hormones! The truth is I don't mind hubby going out, in fact I think a night out is as good as a lie in, as it gives you a bit of excitement and something new to talk about. However; perhaps next time he won't wait until the night before when I'm serving dinner & have had a stressful day to tell me about an all day/night bender..... #pregnancyhormones I was relieved when a close friend shared a story about launching 12 sausages from a un-risen toad in the hole at her hubby whilst pregnant, it made me burst out laughing and realise that the odd crazy moment doesn't mean I'll be sectioned just yet! Although the same friend said I remind her of Bree from desperate housewives, I think it was the quiche! I found this wonderful article on about pregnancy hormones A slightly mental, Michelle X