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ABEILLE | Cellular Blankets | The Perfect Layer

Red fox Tub o Butter


Red fox Tub o Butter I randomly saw an article the other day that this product Is causing a storm in the beauty world. In typical Daisy fashion I look for it on amazon and place my order... I do not like missing out! The best thing about this little find is that it literally does what it says on the tin-or tub in this case... It's cheap and has not been messed about with. I know that all my friends are going to love it-from the high flyers in London who do Ski seasons to the yummy mummies who want to avoid stretch marks at all costs! 20130731-201956.jpg This special moisturizing CREME contains real Cocoa Butter in a SUPER RICH formula that is ideal for all types of skin applications.

Perfect Complexion Creme -Helps relieves tightness and dryness by moisturizing. Helps protect against wrinkling and lines.

Pregnancy (During & After) -Helps keeps skin supple when massaged into abdomen, breasts, hips and thighs that are stretched during pregnancy.

Sports - (Winter & Summer) -Helps relieve chapping, soreness and roughness caused by windburn and sunburn. Great to use after outdoor activities like skiing or swimming to keep from looking "weathered".

When you pop the lid off it really does look like something you have made yourself... Almost edible.

Order it here You can only buy online so get a few!

I have bought enough for a year Michelle I will be bringing one round for you and your perfect little bump. Butter me up!

Daisy x