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The 5:2 Diet


The 5:2 Diet I noticed that I've been doing the dreaded picking at Florence's food so have decided enough is enough! So I have been reading great things about this diet. Sounds perfect-eat whatever you like for 5 days of the week and you just have to have two non consecutive days starving.. Well, on 500calories! Here is the book I ordered on my kindle for only 99p 20130828-213705.jpg Sounds easy... I decide to do Monday's (after an indulgent weekend that will be fine) and Wednesday's so that I leave my weekends fun. So my first 'fast day' arrives and here's what I have to eat- Breakfast- porridge oats (made with water) with a handful of blueberries. Snack-apple Lunch-rice noodles with a dash of soya sauce Dinner-1 vegetarian sausage (stupid me for caving at lunch) Lots of glasses of water and ironing gets me through tonight I'm glad I started on a Wednesday at least I have 4 days till my next fast!

I am off to bed and can't wait till tomorrow-will keep you posted!

Daisy x