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7 Days Potty Training


7 Days Potty Training Day 1 I explained to Oliver when he woke-up it was a special day for big boys potty training, I showed him the special stickers & the reward chart and he was very excited. I took his nappy off, washed him & let him choose his big boy pants. I then explained that all wee wee's go into the potty or the toilet. It was about 6.45 when Oliver disappears into his bedroom & is being worryingly quiet, as suspected he is having his morning poo, he says Fireman Sam pants are dirty and is quite upset, I explain its fine & mummy is not upset. Potty training

We went swimming in the morning & Oliver had a wee before swimming in the toilet & a HUGE one afterwards, very proud mummy. We used a pull-up in the car too & from the pool.

Oliver goes for a nap when we get home with a nappy on. Ben collected his sister, other half & two nieces from the airport, we are all chatting drinking tea & eating biscuits, the excitement of it is all too much, Oliver has three accidents (wee, wee's).

In the afternoon we were out on a long car journey (so nappy on) to ikea and then another long journey to another ikea (you don't want to know!). I'm feeling very disappointed that I choose today to start, I should have planned things better, poor Oliver.

Accidents Poo * 1 Wee * 3

Day 2 Dadda's turn to get Oliver up. Ben reinforces the success from the previous day by filling in the stickers we missed out on yesterday & telling him how proud we are. He is very excited! Dadda is busy working on Oliver's bedroom today so we are off out for a play date at a friends. We have a few wee's on the potty before we go but I put a pull-up for the car & set-off with potty & sticker chart in toe. Despite asking Oliver if he needs the potty he's very distracted at Lucie's and we don't use the potty at all, We go home & straight to a nap.

In the afternoon we remove the nappy after his nap, Daisy popped in with Florence & we all play in the garden, Oliver spends the afternoon happily using the potty & excitedly celebrating his success. When Daisy & Florence leave I'm tidying the kitchen & Oliver comes in jumping around from the garden saying 'come see the poo' I think that he means the dogs; however he quickly corrects me, it actually Oliver's poo on the grass!!! I wasn't sure how to react but praised him. I suppose it's good isn't it?! Mummy is feeling much more positive today.

Accidents - None

Day 3 I had a bit of a scare with my pregnancy and had to go to hospital (Add link). We dropped Oliver at Nanna's & luckily I had already dropped the potty to Mums a few weeks ago, so she continued the potty training, which was fabulous. Not sure if I was prouder of Oliver or my mum, well done!

After a stressful morning Oliver & I have a nap and then Dadda decides to treat us to a trip on the Bluebell Railway, such a good idea to make a happy memory on a exhausting day. We use a pull-up for train and remove it when we get home. Not the best day as we where out all afternoon but no accidents either side of the trip.

Accidents - None

Day 4 We have a nice restful morning at home, continuing to reinforce the successes in the morning with stickers from the day before. No accidents before the day time nap, we are still continuing to use nappies for the naps/ nigh time sleep. In the afternoon we go to Brighton to meet Daisy, Jon & Florence, using the pull-ups but again Oliver is reluctant to use the potty or toilet whist wearing a pull-up. We go back to Daisy's for dinner, whipped off the nappy & have lots of wee's on the potty from Florence & Oliver. Florence just sits down un-prompted, We still ask Oliver if he needs to go & help him quickly get on the potty.

Accidents - None

Day 5 We decide to have a full day at home, we continue to reinforce the success in the morning with the stickers. We both climb back into bed for a cheeky 5 minutes & Oliver calls out for a wee & don't quite make it in time & have a little sprinkle in the pants but the majority of the wee goes into the potty. We spend the day at home apart from Oliver going for a quick trip out in the car with Dadda to B&Q in a pull-up. In the afternoon I decide I need to hoover under the wardrobe (don't ask), Ben nips up whilst Oliver is in his high-chair, he is calling out but we carry on moving the furniture & when Ben gets back down stairs he has had an accident in the highchair. We both feel very guilty as we ignored him & carried on moving the furniture, forgetting he might need a wee. Dadda did however manage to coax Oliver to do the first number two on the potty, we are very excited & Oliver is rewarded with a chocolate button, a special Fireman Sam sticker & a hot wheels car. A little over the top perhaps but he is really quite apprehensive about number two's & we still feel awful about the highchair wee.

Accidents - Wee * 1 (& a bit)

Day 6 - 1st day no nappy! Having nearly completed a week, I decide that the success rate is high & it's time to ditch the pull up nappy completely during the day. Oliver is not asking to use the potty when wearing a pull-up & he's doing so well in just big boy pants. As its Ben's last day off before returning to work we decide to go out to Sumner ponds with no nappy, scary!! We ask Oliver to sit on the potty just before we leave & use a small hand towel in his car seat just in case. The drive is only 20 minutes & no accident. We carry the potty round with a small bottle of water to rinse it if used & after a drink & snack Oliver happily used the potty discreetly in a quiet corner. We then have a nice long walk, a trip to the play park & another wee on the potty before getting into the car. I will admit I rewarded Oliver with a chocolate button for the wee wee's, I'm so proud we have had no accidents. In the afternoon we go to the crabtree's 2nd birthday party nappy free again & Oliver happily uses the potty & sprinkles a few of the flowers too. We have no accidents but I am rewarding him with a chocolate button. We all have a fabulous time & we are extremely proud, no accidents on the first full day of no nappy other than for sleeping !!

Accidents - None WOW!!!!

Day 7 Our first day of no nappy without Dadda but luckily Nanna comes along to toddler bounce with us, two pairs of hands are far better then one, especially when your 30 weeks pregnant! We have lots of wee's on the potty including one in the car park before we leave & no accidents. In the afternoon Nanna takes Oliver out for a few hours to her house, I'm delighted to say that we have no accidents again.

Accidents - none

Week 2 We are now a day away from completing our second week of potty training & have no accidents to report since day 5. I have had a pretty restful week at home lots of help from my Mum/ Ben and not had any long car journeys. The sticker chart is still used for number 2's and a chocolate button as he still seems apprehensive but I find distraction with reading a book is a great help as he still seems a little bit scared.

When going out I try and time leaving with a wee & do carry the potty, we have had a potty wee in the post office & in the local shopping centre which did mean walking around with a filled potty but, I carry a little bottle of water to rinse the potty out. I have noticed that the frequency of needing the toilet has significantly reduced & Oliver is now asking me for the potty, although I do still also remind him just in case.

Oliver has not been wearing trousers or shorts, only pants which serves two purposes, reminding mummy & quick access but now it's a little chillier I think we will be reintroducing clothes, poor little chap!

Tip: I did rush out & buy lots more pants as in the first week especially we needed to change them after most wee's; however now we are really only using 1-2 pairs a day. I carry a spare change of clothes & a few pairs of pants/ t-shits just in case. I'm not attempting the nappy removal for naps/ night-time until we have dry nappies but will keep you posted. I'm sure we will have accidents in the future but there's no going back now...

We would love to hear your experience too, Good luck with your potty training... Michelle X