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A wall mounted Train Set


A wall mounted Train Set: We have a wonderful family who all wanted to buy Oliver gorgeous things for his birthday, so when my sister was looking for an idea of what to buy I suggested a train-set. It is too advanced for him to play with but Ben (hubby) decided he was going to mount it to the ceiling/wall so it wouldn't be an issue. 20130929-194839.jpg Ben spent hours scouring the Internet looking for ideas of how to mount the train set to the ceiling/wall, but the kits where very pricy! He eventually settled on using the ikea picture ledge RIBBA & I have to say we are delighted with the outcome!

Train Set & Accessories to purchase Thomas the tank engine Hornby Train set Additional track Ribba picture ledge (Length: 115 cm/Depth: 9 cm) * 8 Siemens plug socket remote control

Equipment Cordless drill Screws Raw plugs Spirit level Tape measure



Shelving Hubby had already checked to see if the track would fit the room (playing trains on the floor is apparently required to test the track size) and worked out that only two shelves were needed on each side of the room which just left a short gap to cross for the corners

20130929-194905.jpg Fix the first two shelves on one wall 5cm above the window frame/door frame (We left a small gap in between the shelves so you get a little glimpse of the track from below) TIP: Use a spirit level to ensure the shelf is straight

20130929-194852.jpg On the joining wall, fix the second two shelves (as above) Confession: We did buy additional shelving to bridge the corners, but once the track was on the shelf traversing the gap, it supported itself perfectly with the trains on so we didn't have to use it, Result!

Repeat the process above for the 5 remaining shelves TIP: Always check the height and level to ensure it is straight

Train Track Now all the shelving was up it was time to place the track on the shelves TIP: Hubby had already checked to see if the track size would fit the room (playing trains on the floor, on the perimeter of the room is apparently required to test the track size!)

20130929-194816.jpg Once all of the track was up and connected hubby being hubby placed some of the carriages onto the track and pushed it around the room just to check it was all connected and went around smoothly, more essential testing!

Power Following a discussion with the experts at model zone they advised the power should be turned off at the mains after use (as the control could burn out if left on continuously). Luckily Ben stumbled upon a plug socket remote control system which would allow the train set controller to be left on and the remote control switching the power on and off at the mains. Perfect!

Wires The wires are hidden behind the wardrobe & we have a strategically placed teddy to hide the tiny wire that would be visible between the wardrobe & the track, although you could use a specific cable cover.

Watch a video of the train: Choo Choo

Oliver absolutely loves his train set and the boys are regularly found in Oliver's room shouting 'All aboard' the command Dadda gets Oliver to say & secretly presses the remote control. Hubby purchased a Weetabix carriage to accompany the milk carriage already in the set as it's one of Oliver's favourite cereals. I'm not sure who enjoys playing with it more, Dadda or Oliver? Michelle X