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ABEILLE LOVES - September 2013


Our seventh ABEILLE LOVES focus' on a 'Mummy Special' our favourite websites/links. As busy mummies to toddlers you have to learn to save time where possible, on-line shopping/research is a fabulous way. It also stops you wandering around the shops with bored toddlers & you actually remember to buy what you need. There's nothing like a toddler meltdown in a supermarket to distract you from buying the only thing you actually came out for. Introducing the ABEILLE LOVES 'Mummy Special', the 10 websites/links we couldn't live without, Enjoy!ABEILLE LOVES

John Lewis We love John Lewis at ABEILLE, it is a store that we trust and is always up to speed with the current trends for the whole family. John Lewis have a fabulous policy never knowingly undersold, which basically means they price match 'Some high street competitors have a different nationwide shop price to their online price; in that instance we'll match whichever is the lower of the two across our shops and on our website', Michelle recently saved over £200 on her new nursery furniture. Daisy x 20130828-210628.jpg

Boots I must admit I adore the reward system in Boots and love nothing better then treating myself/the boys with my points. A toy for Oliver, Ben's favourite coconut cream pie shower gel or some un-essential new fad beauty product for me. Our boots in Horsham is big but not always greatly stocked for larger items like stair gates, so I do tend to use the store collection service which is free! Michelle X image

Amazon I use Amazon for about 50% of my online shopping. There is an ongoing joke at my family pub where I get everything delivered, but I find it easier as a busy Mummy to get things delivered rather than trudge around the shops! Daisy x 20130828-210635.jpg

eBay I do like to buy quite unusual things, foot shaped cookie cutters for cheesy feet, MDF letters to paint for Oliver's new room or mini muffin cases (which are just difficult to find locally) and my hubby is always more than happy to oblige helping me with e-bay. I'm not so good myself but he's been using it for years & I have to say we've had some great finds, especially now a number of smaller shops use it as their on-line store, Michelle X image

Babycentre I still use this website after two years. It has been a great reference guide to keep up with Florence's progress and is also great when pregnant, Daisy x 20130828-210611.jpg

What to Expect I use this website for my current pregnancy (I have registered for a weekly update) & to keep up today's with Oliver's development milestones. It's great to know your on the right track and to get hints and tips on the fundamentals.... Sleeping, Tantrums etc. it's the ultimate guide to pregnancy & parenting, every step of the way. Michelle X image

BBC Food This is where I get nearly all of my recipes from. There are a huge variety of chefs that post recipes and I love the fact that you can just type in the ingredients that you have in the fridge/cupboard. I am not one for getting ingredients in for a recipe, Daisy x 20130828-210621.jpg

Sainsburys Despite our attempts to be super-women, the only way to really get things done is to cheat a little. I tend to do a large monthly/six weekly shop on-line or all of the heavy/bulky items & then pop in to the store for adhoc items. Sainsburys provide a great delivery service although it always takes quite a long time to select the items, so give yourself plenty of time when the LO is in bed. TIP: I tend to keep a list running on the side of the fridge with a pen attached to help me remember what to buy Michelle X


Pinterest I must look on pinterest nearly every day! It is so great for activity ideas to do with Florence, and I store lots of holiday destinations whilst I'm at it. Follow ABEILLE at Daisy x 20130828-210644.jpg

Mail on-line My guilty pleasure - I don't often get time to sit & relax but I do like to keep up to date with celebrity gossip, my days of girly magazine subscriptions are sadly over ( I think I still have about 6 in the cellophane waiting to read from when Oliver was born, don't tell Ben!). I have a quick flick through the news, showbiz, whizz through the pictures & get my fix, Michelle X image

We will only ever recommend an item or service if it has been tried, tested and ultimately ‘LOVED’ by Michelle, Oliver, Daisy, Florence or one of our trusted ABEILLE panel of mummies.